Chemical Resistant

Chemical Resistant Gloves are non-porous and watertight to prevent chemicals from passing through the glove. The Australian standard is ANS/NZS 2161.10:2005 or The European is often used: EN 374. These standards test the capability of the glove to withstand chemicals. 

The standard Pictgram is divided into three types

Type A

Type B

Type C

Code letterChemicalCas numberCategory
AMethanol67-56-1Primary alcohol
CAcetonitrile75-05-8Nitrile compound
DDichloromethane75-09-2Chlorinated paraffin
ECarbon disulphide75-15-0Sulphur containing an organic compound
FToluene108-88-3Aromatic hydrocarbon
HTetrahydrofuran109-99-9Heterocyclic and ethereal compound
IEthyl acetate141-78-6Ester
Jn-Heptane142-85-5Saturated hydrocarbon
KSodium hydroxide 40%1310-73-2Inorganic base
LSulfuric acid 96%7664-93-9Inorganic mineral acid
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