Colour Coded

Colour Coded Cleaning Equipment

Colour coding is a great way to prevent cross-contamination and keep cleaning equipment and supplies in their designated area. Buy from our range of colour-coded cleaning equipment.

Colour Coded Cleaning 

Colour coded cleaning is a method of assigning colours to reusable cleaning equipment used in designated areas of your premises. Colour coded cleaning helps to reduce cross-contamination. The purpose of this colour coded equipment is to prevent cross-contamination, and the cleaning equipment like mops, spray bottles, cloths, and more are colour coded.

Browse our range of colour-coded products online. If you are not sure about the commercial cleaning product, please contact us and we will assist you.

Colours for Cleaning

Green – Suitable for kitchen and food preparation areas

Blue – Suitable for general low-risk areas such as offices and corridors.

Red – Suitable for sanitary.

Yellow – Suitable for cleaning washrooms, sinks and basins.

White – Suitable for operational theatres.

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