Cut 5

Cut Resistant Gloves

Protect your hands from cuts, grazes, scrapes and dermatological irritation with our cut resistant gloves. Rodburn offers a wide range of cut resistant gloves made from different materials such as foam nitrile, HPPE (High-Performance Polyethylene), Polyester and more.

As per the European safety standard, EN388 is a safety glove designed to protect from mechanical risks, and the relevant Australian standard is AS/NZS 2161.13.1988.

The risks are rated in the following order: Abrasion resistance, cut resistance, tear-resistance and puncture resistance. The lowest level of cut resistance is Cut 1, and the highest is Cut 5.

Cut 5 Resistant Gloves

Cut 5 gloves are currently the highest cut resistance gloves used to help protect staff from extreme cut hazards. We always want safety as a top priority for our customers, so Rodburn never compromises the standard and supply the best cut resistant gloves.

Now it becomes hard to select the glove suitable for your business. If you need help finding the best cut resistant gloves, contact one of our product specialists and buy our cut-resistant gloves that come with a level 5 protection.


1. Can cut-resistant gloves help you to prevent the risk?

It will reduce the impact of getting injured, but it will not completely eliminate the risk. These gloves will protect your fingers and hands from sharp objects like knives and deep cuts. So please be careful while handling any sharp objects.

2. Are there any limitations while using these gloves?

Yes, these gloves cannot withstand direct contact with sharp knives, and we might end up being injured if we do not adhere to safety guidelines.

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