Actichem Mould Exterminator 5L

Actichem Mould Exterminator 5L

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This is an incredible mould killing product that has had years of research into the chemistry behind breaking down and killing mould.

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    The Mould Exterminator super-wetting formula, provides consistent, reliable results in mould remediation every time. Receive a 100% clearance on every mould remediation job. It is a safe ready to use product that lifts stains from mould affected surfaces. Mould Exterminator penetrates deep into the affected surface and completely destroys the mould hyphae and root system.


    • Ready to use
    • Safe to use
    • disinfects bio contaminated areas
    • Kills mould and removes stains
    • Helps remove organic grime
    • Almost instant stain removal hardly any scrubbing required

    Sold in 5L bottles for bulk quantities please request a quote