BabyLove Bulk Pack Junior Nappies (15-25kg) 78

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15-25kg Junior nappies with Cosifit and DriWave technology. Baby Love nappies are quality nappies for your centre

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    BabyLove Cosifit helps prevent harsh, red marks on baby’s delicate skin and provides advanced leakage protection. Cosifit Technology works by evenly distributing pressure from the leg band which provides a snug fit delivering a superior level of leakage protection. BabyLove Cosifit incorporates the most popular features of BabyLove’s nappies including the DriWave layer that absorbs instantly, actively drawing liquid from the nappy’s surface to help preserve dryness.


    • Up to 12 hours absorption
    • The  DriWave layer absorbs moisture instantly
    • Advanced red mark and leakage protection
    • Advanced Absorbency actively draws liquid from the nappy surface
    • Stretchy Waistband provides a snug and comfortable fit.
    • Unisex

    Size: 15-25 kgs

    Sold as a carton of 78 nappies for bulk orders please request a quote

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