Basic Dressing Pack – Single Use

Basic Dressing Pack – Single Use

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This is a sterile ready to use dressing pack. Ready when you need it this pack contains all the tools you need to treat wounds on the job.

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    Disposable basic dressings pack, each pack is sterile and ready when you need it.

    The pack contains

    • 1 x dressing tray,
    • 1 x sterile field sheet
    • 1 x dressing towel
    • 5 x cotton balls
    • 2 x gauze swabs
    • 3 x  forceps


    • A highly absorbent wound pad controls bleeding and absorbs wound exudates
    • Special low adherent coating minimizes wound trauma associated with changing dressings
    • Dressings are available individually on demand in an easy tear wrapper and sterile for wound cleanliness.
    • The wound pad is attached to a wrapping leader of gauze bandage which is easy to apply
    • The Finger dressing is unique in the industry for its ability to treat finger wounds too large to cover with an adhesive dressing. This unique product combines a 4.5cm square low adherent and absorbent pad, with a wrapping leader and secure adhesive tab to protect the wound.

    Sold in packs for bulk quantities please request a quote