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1L Nilium Odour Neutraliser

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Nilium is a surface odour neutraliser. Nilium will not only provide a pleasant fragrance that eliminates malodours, but it will also counteract them all together.

  • Only 15ml is needed for 1L of product
  • Works for up to 24 hours
  • Multi-use deodoriser and neutraliser
  • Ideal for any water-safe surface
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Provides effective deodorizing power on any water-safe surface 15ml is needed for 1L of product. Use in mop water, cleaning solutions, add to laundry, add to latex paint or simply add to water and use as a general air freshener. Nilodor Surface Deodorizer Concentrate provides effective deodorizing power. Simply mix 15mls with one L of water and apply to any water-safe surface. Spray, mop or wipe and enjoy its neutralizing power.