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Dominant Graffiti Remover 1L

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$24.00 + GST Per 1L Bottle

Bulky class 1

The Graffiti remover is easy to use – simply spray on and wipe off.

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    Graffiti Remover has a great number of advantages over conventional paint strippers. It is non-flammable, hence there are no special transportation requirements. Graffiti Remover is low toxic hence safe to use and is completely biodegradable is environmentally friendly.

    Graffiti Remover contains a special blend of solvents which add extra cleaning power to remove stubborn stains thus eliminating the need for extra alkalinity with much less risk of damage to painted or other sensitive surfaces, thus streaking effects are significantly reduced. Graffiti Remover is designed for the removal of enamel, acrylic and fluorescent paints and in particular texta markings and inks from brickwork, wood, metal, carpet, fabric and associated surfaces.

    It is easy to use – simply spray on and wipe off.

    Sold in a 1L Bottle, for bulk orders please request a quote