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Enduro Quick-Use Microfibre Disposable Mop Pad

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The Quick Use Enduro microfibre disposable Mop Pad is designed to be used on hard surfaces either wet or dry. This reusable mop head offers an effective and economical disposable solution for situations where it is unhygienic to reuse a mop pad.

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Quick-Use microfibre Mop Pad is designed for single-use for areas that require frequent pad changes. They can be used either wet or dry and are designed with hygiene in mind.


  • Lightweight and quick to use for cleaning infectious area’s
  • Fits the Enduro flat mop frame
  • Single-use back tabs may come apart after use to prevent the pad from being reused.

Dimensions(WxL): 460mm x 140mm


Sold in a pack of 10 disposable mop pads or for bulk buying a carton of 200 disposable mop pads. For larger quantities please request a quote

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