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Enduro Single use Flat Mop Bundle

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$240.00 + GST

Bulky class 1

Enduro single-use flat mop bundle, the mop heads are designed to be used and thrown away.


Enduro Quick-Use Microfibre Disposable Mop Pad

The Quick Use Enduro microfibre disposable Mop Pad is designed to be used on hard surfaces either wet or dry. This reusable mop head offers an effective and economical disposable solution for situations where it is unhygienic to reuse a mop pad.


Enduro Aluminium Flat Mop 400mm

Easy to maneuver, lightweight flat mop frame.

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Enduro Extension Handle 1.5m

The Enduro Extension handle can change from 842mm to a maximum of 1500mm. Use in a variety of locations to reach hard to reach surfaces.

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    All you need to get started with single-use mop heads for infectious rooms.

    1 x Enduro Flat Mop Head

    1 x Enduro Flat Mop extension handle

    200 x disposable flat mop heads