Nilogel Shaker Pack 227g
Nilogel Shaker Pack 340g

Nilogel Shaker Pack 340g

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This is a shaker pack of biodegradable granules which are used to absorb and deodourise spills. These granules are an effective deodoriser and containment product, which can absorb 100 times their weight.

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    Nilogel is designed to absorb, gel and deodorise water-soluble spills such as vomit and urine. Absorbing over 100 times its own weight this non-toxic, biodegradable granule turns into a gel when applied to a liquid. Use as a cost-effective method of containing liquid spills and removing strong smells connected with liquids.

    Nilogel can be used a variety of surfaces including hardwood, carpet, concrete and linoleum.

    Some uses include:

    Public transportSickness, accidents and odourSprinkle on motion sickness for accident containment. This eliminates odours and contains the fluid preventing it from spreading.
    Aged care & HospitalsSickness, accidents and odourDeodourises Urine and vomit for quick removal
    SchoolsSickness, accidents and odoursprinkle on spills or vomit to contain and deodourise the incident
    Child CareSickness, accidents and odourSprinkle to deodourise urine or vomit and contain the incident


    comes packed in a 340g shaker pack.


    Sold per tube for bulk quantities please request a quote

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    How to use:
    • Sprinkle a small amount of the granules on spill
    • The Granules will turn into a gel
    • Collect the gel and dispose of it into a bin