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250L Corrosive Class 8 Metal Storage Cabinet

$3,094.00 + GST Each

Bulky class 2

This cabinet is for the storage of corrosive substances in liquid or solid form as classified by the United Nations criteria and the ADG Code for Dangerous Goods. These include chemicals such as Acids, Alkalis, Caustics, Sodium Hydroxide Solution and Hypochlorite Solution.


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Special Features:

  • Cabinet doors are fitted with an all stainless steel piano hinge for added protection.
  • Internal door opening latch (as required by the Standards)
  • Each shelf is supplied with plastic spill trays to contain small spills and leakage.
  • Additional powder coating of the shelving and closing assembly for added protection.

Please note: This cabinet is designed for the safe storage of corrosives in sealed and closed containers. Good housekeeping practices are essential to ensure long service life.