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Australian Made

Eucalyptus Fresh Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner 4L with Pump

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Eucalyptus Fresh is a heavy-duty hand cleaner with eucalyptus oil, lanolin and fine pumice.  Australian owned and manufactured this product comes with a Pump lid.

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Eucalyptus Fresh Heavy Duty hand cleaner is an environmentally friendly hand cleaner with Pumice and eucalyptus. These natural products are the perfect formula for a heavy-duty hand wash and  Lanolin has been added as a moisturizer. This is a Lightning product which has been Australian made and owned since 1961.


  • Dissolves grease, oil, paint, carbon, rubber and sealants
  • Deodorises hands leaving them softer and smelling fresh
  • Heavy Duty hand Cleaner with Pumice
  • Uses natural products

Sold as a 4L Pump bottle for bulk quantities please request a quote