TerraCyclic Sanitary Bio Bin White - Medium 13L
TerraCyclic Sanitary Bio Bin White – Medium 13L

TerraCyclic Sanitary Bio Bin White – Medium 13L

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The Revolutionary Degradable Sanitary Disposal System is sustainable and easy to use. This system reduces odours and will break down naturally when disposed in land fill.

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This is a simple to use sanitary bin which has been designed to be sustainable.  This unit can be wall-mounted or free-standing and it is very simple to quickly replace the cartridge and it is designed to help reduce odours and break down once disposed of. The unique cartridge system allows for the disposal of sanitary products with minimum contact needed from the cleaning staff.



  • Breaks down once disposed within 5 years
  • Reduces the risk of contact for cleaning staff
  • Environmentally sustainable option for Eco-friendly businesses.
  • Inbuilt odour neutraliser in the product
  • Small footprint
  • Discrete design
  • The TerraCyclic Bio Bin has been awarded a Carbon Footprint Accreditation.

Dimensions (DxWxH): 160mm x 160mm x 590mm
Capacity: 13L

Colour: White

Material: nontoxic, odourised plastic which can break down within 5 years of disposal.

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