Vinyl Gloves

Vinyl gloves are disposable gloves that are latex-free and cost-effective alternatives to nitrile and do not have the risks of latex allergies. If you are unsure if vinyl will meet your business needs, contact one of our product specialists to choose the right product to fit your business needs.

We have a range of disposable vinyl gloves including food Safe vinyl gloves, powder-free vinyl gloves and vinyl medical examination gloves.

Disposable Vinyl Gloves

Disposable Vinyl Gloves are latex-free and powder-free and ideal for handling food safely, protecting skin while working and avoiding germs and contamination. They are popular in workplaces where regular removal of gloves are required.

Food Safe, Powder Free and Medical Examination Disposable Vinyl Gloves
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Vinyl Medical Examination Gloves

Vinyl Medical Examination Gloves are part of our economical disposable glove range and are mostly used in busy medical environments, the food industry and other industrial settings. Vinyl gloves are durable and a cost-effective alternative to latex gloves. We stock vinyl medical examination gloves and disposable vinyl gloves, including food safe & powder-free options.


1. Can I use these vinyl gloves in the health industry for a longer duration?

For disposable vinyl gloves, replace gloves when chemical contact occurs or when damage is suspected.

2. Are there any benefits of using disposable vinyl gloves?

Yes, you can get them for a cheaper price and best for short term tasks.