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We can work with you to find the best wrapping options for your business. Buy from our range of packaging & wrap supplies including hand and machine pallet wraps, stretch films, machine wraps, bubble wraps, bundling wraps, hand wraps, food-grade pallet wraps, and more.

Packaging & Wrap
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Pallet Wraps & Strech Wraps

Pallet wraps also known as stretch wraps or plastic wraps help wrap around the content of the pallet. Pallet wraps can be used in automated wrapping machine or manually. These wraps keep the content of the pallet stable, resist moisture, and help in safe transit. Pallet wraps and hand wraps are highly stretchable films available in white or black colour, with different thicknesses(20UM, 25UM and 30UM) and lengths. Rodburn offers pallet wraps in bulk at the best prices, contact us today for any enquiries regarding pallet wraps.