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Do you know the difference between soap and sanitiser?

It’s almost flu season and with a protracted pandemic, experts emphasise keeping your hands clean as the number one defence against infection. But which approach is better: handwashing or hand sanitiser?

The answer is both!

Soap and sanitiser act in different ways and one should not replace the other as a hygiene control.

So what do they both do?

Hand washing is most effective at remove all dirt, microbes and chemicals on the hands.
Sanitiser is more precise at killing bacteria and most viruses.

Think of them as the perfect couple, complimenting each other in your work health and safety regime.

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Colours, scents, and other hygiene “illusions”.

The brighter the colour or the prettier the smell of the soap does not necessarily mean better hygiene outcomes. Many soaps on the market may not provide the antibacterial protection for the prevention of outbreaks. Have you reviewed your hand hygiene products recently?

Many fragrances products commonly cause allergies and dry out skin after contact. Fragrance free is the best approach to go to keep your people safe and to ensure you are providing a safe workplace.

The best scenario for hand hygiene is using an:

  • Hand sanitiser containing 75% alcohol
  • An Anti-Bacterial soap (foaming or liquid) and running water.

Make sure you check with your SDS or reference the Hand Hygiene Australia website for audit and compliance tools. 

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