How to sanitise your office

June 17, 2020

Space where people are around all the time, offices can be sanitised with the right products, quickly and effectively.  Here are a couple of products and how to use them.

Ramsol is a sanitiser spray with 70% ethanol, this can be safely used with an uncleared desk. Simply spray the Ramsol over the surfaces and let it dry. Ramsol is available in a 500ml spray can or specialised spray units in 7L or 22L canisters. 

Alcohol Wipes

A quick and easy way to sanitise objects is to use an Alcohol Wipe or a disinfectant wipe. Simply keep a pack nearby and wipe over objects when needed. 

Hand Sanitisers

Ensure you have a high-quality hand sanitiser available for staff and customers, as the hands are the number cause for the spread of germs. Hand sanitiser is used when hand washing is not available. Ensure you have over 70% Ethonal to be effective.