Conforming Bandage


A Conforming Bandage is durable, lightweight bandage that is ideal for supporting and relieving injured joints. It is suitable for use as dressing retention on high body movement areas such as the wrist, thigh and knee injuries.

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The quality Conforming Bandage is designed to conform to limbs and keep dressings securely in place. AeroForm Conforming Bandages have built-in bandage clips for a convenient method of fastening the bandage. Larger sizes have two clips while the smaller sizes only have one. Each bandage is packaged in an easy to open tab built into the wrapper.


The Conforming Bandage is available in a range of widths 5cm, 7cm, 10cm and 15cm.


Width2.5 cm5 cm7.5cm10 cm

Sold per Roll for bulk quantities please request a quote