Dominant Domclean 44 HD Caustic Cleaner 15L
Dominant Domclean 44 HD Caustic Cleaner 15L

Dominant Domclean 44 HD Caustic Cleaner 15L

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Domclean 44 is an extra heavy duty caustic cleaner for CIP operations in food and drink processing plants. Domclean 44 is also a highly effective cleaner for large commercial deep fryers.


    Base Flat Rate

    Domclean 44 is a strongly caustic product that quickly removes protein soils, fats, oils and carbonised deposits. It is non-foaming and contains dispersants and sequestrants making it ideal for CIP operations using high pressure and flow.

    How to Use

    For CIP operations:

    • use at levels from 1:40 (25ml/L) to 1:100 (10ml/L).
    • The best results are normally obtained in hot water >60ºC. Circulate through equipment for the desired time,
    • Rinse with potable water.
    • For large plants, the Domclean 44 can be automatically dispensed using conductivity as the controller.
    • Conductivity vs. concentration charts is available to enable SOP’s to be set up.

    For crate washing machines dispensed using a conductivity control feeder.

    • Concentration will depend on the soil level.

    For deep fryers:

    • use at levels from 2 to 4 litres per 100 litres of water maintaining a temperature of 90ºC.
    • All surfaces must be rinsed with potable water after use.

    Domclean 44 is designed for cleaning stainless steel equipment. Do not use aluminium, galvanising or other soft metals.

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