Dominant Hospital Disinfectant 5L
Dominant Hospital Disinfectant 5L

Dominant Hospital Disinfectant 5L

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Hospital Disinfectant is a ARTG Listed hospital-grade disinfectant cleaner. It has been proven to kill COVID-19 and is suitable for use on normal washable surfaces.

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Hospital Disinfectant is an ARTG Listed hospital-grade disinfectant cleaner for use on all normal washable surfaces. It contains specialised blends of non-ionic surfactants, sequestrants and quaternary ammonium compounds developed to give outstanding cleaning and disinfection Hospital Disinfectant has passed rigorous anti-microbial testing and provides disinfection even under dirty conditions. This product contains eucalyptus oil to give a mild deodorant effect whilst using.

Hospital Disinfectant

Description and Use

  1. Dilution ratios:
    1. For lightly soiled surfaces: Use Hospital Disinfectant at a dilution of 1:40 (½ cup per 5 litres water)
    2. For clean soiled surfaces: Use at a dilution of 1:20 (1 cup per 5 litres)
    3. If soiling is heavy: Pre-clean with a suitable product and rinse before using Hospital Disinfectant.
  2. Hospital Disinfectants can also be used as a spray and wipe cleaner disinfectant.
    1. For cleaning: Use at a dilution of 1:20 (50 ml/L).
    2. For floor cleaning, use at a lower concentration of 1:40 (25 ml/L).

Do not mix with any soaps, detergents or other chemicals or deactivation may occur. Not to be used on therapeutic devices.

ARTG Registered: 205434

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