Pratt Combination Drench Shower &  Eye Wash Station (SE612)
Pratt Combination Drench Shower & Eye Wash Station (SE612)

Pratt Combination Drench Shower & Eye Wash Station (SE612)

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Convenience of one unit incorporating both a deluge shower and with an eye or eye-face wash with only one water supply connection required. Complies with relevant standards and is built to last.


    Bulky class 1

    This combination shower and Aerostream wash unit is the most versatile decontamination system available for the use of the shower, eyewash or both simultaneously. With balanced water supply inlets, Pratt’s combination shower unit ensures optimum eyewash pattern even with varying water pressure. Stainless steel construction is suitable for long service life in all environments.  A self-closing dust cover on Aerostream eyewash keeps airborne contaminants of nozzles.

    Shower Flow Control Regulator

    All Pratt Combination Shower Units are fitted with a flow control regulator, which limits the flow output to 90LPM. Ensuring the shower will exceed the minimum required flow rate and allow the eyewash to operate simultaneously, as required by the Standards.

    Adjustable Eye Wash Flow Control

    All Pratt Combination, Eye-Face Wash and Eye Wash Stations incorporate an adjustable flow control. Other than model SE620, all units include an individual flow adjustment screw, located in the mounting base, which allows for the fine-tuning of the flow output.

    General Features

    • Comprehensive model range to suit a wide variety of applications.
    • Structural components made of 304 stainless steel for strength and durability.
    • 316 stainless steel stay-open valves for dependable operation and performance.

    Showerhead made from ABS plastic With a unique conical action water pattern to gently deliver large volumes of water, ensuring complete decontamination without injury to the skin.

    Sold Individually