Spraysafe Food Grade Silicone Spray 250g
Spraysafe Food Grade Silicone Spray 250g

Spraysafe Food Grade Silicone Spray 250g

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Molytec Spraysafe Silicone Spray has been formulated using a high quality food grade silicone fluid. The product is supplied in a 250g Aerosol Can and does not contain any Chlorinated Solvents. This product uses a Food Grade Silicone Fluid.

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    Molytec Spraysafe Silicone has the following properties:

    • Very Good Water Repellency
    • Good Temperature Range
    • Good Dielectric properties
    • Good Resistance to Oxidation.
    • Good adherence to dry surfaces
    • Non-Toxic.
    • Good resistance to tracking
    • Will not affect plastics or polycarbonates


    Molytec Spraysafe Silicone can be used in a large variety of applications.

    • Swimming Pool Equipment.
    • Fishing Tackle Lubricant.
    • Mould Release agent for Rubber, Plastics and Metal castings,
    • Lubricant for Rubber and Plastic.
    • Curtain and Door Track Lubricant.
    • Food Packaging Industry.
    • Water Repellant and makes surfaces water resistant.
    • General Purpose Lubricant for Household and Garden.
    • Printing Industry.
    • Dashboard Squeaks, Door Hinges and Rubbers, Vinyl Roofs etc.



    Appearance: Colourless liquid with no odour

    Propellant: Hydrocarbon

    U.N. No: 1950

    Class: 2

    Hazchem Code: 2y

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