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Looking for the best hand towels in Australia at wholesale prices? We stock a range of high-quality hand towels to keep your hands clean and dry.

Buy online from our range of commercial cleaning products, including hand towels and hand towel dispensers in bulk at wholesale prices for your business.

We supply a wide range of premium hand towels and hand towel dispensers. We have a variety of towels and dispensers, including multifold hand towels, roll towels, hand towels made from 100% recycled paper, plastic hand towel dispensers, steel paper towel dispensers, centrefeed towels dispensers, and more.

Hand Towel and Dispensers
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Showing 1–16 of 37 results

Not drying your hands properly increases your chances of transferring bacteria back onto your hands. Drying with a hand towel is the most hygienic method of hand drying.

Hand Towel Dispensers

We stock a range of premium quality hand towel dispensers that suit high usage washrooms at wholesale prices.

View our range of cleaning supplies on sale online.

Our product helps reduce paper wastage by dispensing one sheet at a time. We supply hand towel dispensers to fit perfectly within your workplace. If you are not sure which products to purchase, contact us, and our friendly staff will assist you in choosing the best hand towel dispenser.


  • Our products use TAD (through air-dried) technology to promote the softness of the hand towel and increase the absorption qualities.
  • Our products have excellent absorption capacity for efficient hand drying.
  • We have a range of products – ultraslim hand towel, premium plus ultraslim hand towel, multifold hand towel, compact hand towel, Interleaved hand towel and more.