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Disposable Respirator & Face Masks

Disposable masks are critical PPE that help prevent air contaminants such as viruses and dust. Surgical face masks provide droplet protection, whereas a P2 Respirator mask prevent airborne transmissions. If you require a medical-grade mask, then search for ARTG registered products. Find the disposable respirator perfect for your business from our range of disposable masks.

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Showing 1–16 of 18 results

P2 Respirator Masks

P2/N95 rated face masks can reduce exposure to fine particles and contaminants in the air. To be effective, disposable p2 masks need to be fitted correctly.  Here are some instructions.

Our disposable respirators fit perfectly to the face and protect from airborne particles. At Rodburn, we provide the following face mask brands:

  •  Softmed
  • Amarok
  • Pro-choice safety gear
  • Maxisafe
  • Bastion

It is critical that you form a tight seal around your face.  Facial hair and adjusting masks to your face will affect the quality of the seal also children require smaller face masks to fit properly.

A P2 respirator mask is an alternative term for the N95. It protects from airborne particles and eliminates harmful viruses when worn fittingly. If you are unsure about which mask to select, you can contact our friendly staff, and we will help you.

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