Childcare Supplies

We are the national supplier for over 24 childcare centres in Australia. Our team has been instrumental in helping to establish and manage standardised ordering across all centres. Each childcare centre has everything they need to be compliant with state and national standards. We provide consistent, prompt, professional, and friendly service.

Childcare Cleaning Supplies

Buy from our huge range of childcare supplies including childcare cleaning supplies, childcare nappies, changeroom supplies, lunchroom supplies for childcare and more.

childcare supplies
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Childcare Supplies

We service a range of Childcare & Early Learning Centres across Australia. At Rodburn, we supply a variety of childcare cleaning supplies, including changeroom supplies, skincare, bathroom products and many more. Our team has broad knowledge about the childcare industry and can guide you to find the best cleaning supplies for your childcare facilities.

We have the products to help you centralise the supply of childcare products. We provide a range of cleaning supplies for childcare centres including bin liners, cloths, wipes, sponges & scourers, bottles, triggers & taps, vacuum bags, hand towels & dispensers, disposable vinyl gloves, glove dispensers, environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Does your childcare supplier work to your needs?

Every business is different, and as your business grows, your goals can mature and change. Shouldn’t your purchasing process change with you? Join the select group of childcare centres that benefits from the Rodburn difference bespoke services.

In the initial conversation, we go through your current needs and challenges. This creates the framework to examine the purchasing process and build a bespoke service to help you meet your goals.

Here is an example:

Ben is a national childcare director for a national childcare service. They have over 24 centres across Australia.


• Products could be substituted without notice at different centres.
• Inconsistent compliance because of product substitution
• Split deliveries and continually running out of essential supplies,
• Hard to follow unpredictable budgets


The Product specialist worked with Ben’s team to find a complete list of products suitable for any childcare centre. We conducted trials to find the best products, considering ease of use compliance and brand perception. The complete list of products was presented for approval. An order form was created from the approved products, listing
products by categories and space for product requests.

When we introduced ourselves to centre directors, we gathered critical information about centre sizes and product use. Our product specialists created expected requirements for individual childcare centres. After a trial period, we were able to implement a monthly order schedule.

Our product specialists could identify centres who needed to order more or less and advise them respectively using the order schedule. This also allowed us to offer a standard delivery rate across the portfolio.


All childcare centres across the nation use the same brand of products. Parents can expect the same level of compliance and consistency, no matter which centre they send their children to.

Monthly orders arrive at the same time, and childcare centres can continue to run the service. No staff member is running to the supermarket for products. This saves time and allows staff members to focus on the children, improving the service.

Budgets can be easily tracked and followed, freight is consistent for every centre, and all centres are benefiting from a childcare product specialist who can assist with ordering enough supplies for the month.
Just as every person is unique, every business is different, so why settle for a rigid purchasing process?

From start to finish, we work with your childcare centre team, listening to your childcare cleaning supplies need creating a bespoke service to help you achieve your goals.