25% of all refillable dispensers are contaminated

April 4, 2022

Your hands could be getting germier after washing with a contaminated dispenser, significantly increasing the chances of infections and sickness. 1 in 4 refillable soap dispensers are currently contaminated.

Refillable soap dispensers are prone to contamination. It can be caused by “topping up” a dispenser and/or an infrequent dispensing unit cleaning program. By design, refillable hand soap dispensers are open to the elements which allow the hand soap to interact with:

  • Contaminants from hands
  • Contaminants from the air
  • Possible external contaminants such as bugs

Contaminated hand wash is ineffective and dangerous, below are some examples of contaminated dispensing units.

Some warning signs include:

  • A bad smell with the hand soap
  • Discolouration of the hand soap
  • Bugs and other contaminants in the hand soap
  • Mould growing in the dispensing unit

How to prevent hand soap contamination?

You can use refillable hand soap safely providing:

  • You have a consistent cleaning schedule that cleans and sanitises the refill unit
  • Prevent Constant topping up of hand wash

The process of maintaining refillable hand dispenser units becomes costly and time-consuming, an alternative option is to use a Pod refill system.

Pod refill systems are quick to change, are sealed from contaminants and provide precise dosages. Replace the refill pod for a guaranteed hygienic effective hand wash. Rodburn provides world-leading brands of sanitary sealed refill pods including Deb Skincare and Gojo Hand wash.

These leading brands have a large range of hand wash suitable for all different types of businesses including food processing, childcare, aged care, education and much more. Often in the implementation of dispenser systems, you can acquire the dispensing units free on loan if you need 6 or more units. If you are unsure which handwash solution is best for your business contact one of our product specialists.