How Rodburn supports FMCG innovators to succeed every day

June 26, 2024

Innovators in the FMCG market Castlemaine Kitchen know a thing or two about making great products.

Their Castlemaine Kitchen brand dip has fast become a refrigerator staple in homes across Australia. In supermarkets across Australia, you’ll find their range of healthy dip brands lining shelves.

In 2022 Castlemaine Kitchen launched their brand Nuffin, a range of dip products packaged in fully compostable paper tubs.

The brand said it targets to reduce 25 tonnes of plastic per year from Australian supermarket dip fridges, most of which end up in landfills or in waterways. They have set themselves a target to reduce this by 300 tonnes a year by 2030.

Partnering with Rodburn since 2018, the team at Castlemaine Kitchen uses Rodburn to assist with the critical supply of consumables, packaging and chemicals to ensure efficiencies in their production and supply chain flow.

“Rodburn’s invaluable assistance extends beyond merely supplying products. Their insightful training sessions on chemical use and their cleaning technologies have made our cleaning processes remarkably efficient and consistent.”

Familiar to Rodburn within the product supply solution industry, Castlemaine Kitchen chose to work with Rodburn to achieve their product goals so they can effectively deliver their incredible product across Australia.

“Rodburn is an indispensable partner in our business operations, providing support across our manufacturing process. From essential supplies like gloves and PPE for our staff’s daily needs, to ensuring compliance with food standards, and supplying personal hygiene products, Rodburn covers all bases. Their personalized cleaning products maintain our facility’s cleanliness effortlessly whilst maintaining all cleaning standards that our facility upholds. They even assist in the packing of our products for delivery and keeping our warehouse in order. Rodburn’s seamless support is so essential we would definitely notice their absence.”

Rodburn is proud to support the Castlemaine Kitchen team for over 6 years and provide them with product solutions to help them work smarter.

“Our consumable and chemical purchasing is made so easy with their monthly stock count, making sure we consistently have all necessary supplies on hand. It’s incredibly reassuring to never worry about product availability. They excel in their reliable customer service and always have friendly staff available to assist with any need.” Haydn Scott said.