Five Easy Ways To Protect Your Business From Product Recalls

October 29, 2018

Product recalls are costly, time consuming and potentially embarrassing. Use these tips to avoid exposure, keeping standards high and customers happy.

 Here are five handy tips to help your business avoid the hassle and expense of recalls.

  1. Mock Recalls

Recalls don’t have to be sprawling and expensive events, and practice makes perfect. Food companies can minimise their exposure by staging regular mock recalls, an exercise which tests the effectiveness of their product recall plans withoutall the stress and urgency of the real thing. Mock recalls can expose any weaknesses in recall plans that might slow down the response times or expose the company to any additional risk.

  1. Regular food testing and standards monitoring

The careful monitoring of production lines from start to finish is crucial in maintaining the quality standards that avoid the need for recalls. Identifying issues promptly can mean the difference between life or death when it comes to food recalls, and containing any contamination before it goes out into the supply chain should be high on the list of priorities. Equipment also needs to be checked regularly for compliance.

  1. Establishing a compliance team

 Put together a team of people who can make sure that your plant complies with all the relevant food safety standards and occupational health and safety regulations. Compliance teams can make sure that team members are adequately trained, equipment is regularly tested and that product labels are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure they are accurate. The team is responsible for making sure that all food hygiene and food safety requirements are met.

  1. Use detection equipment correctly

Parts like nuts and bolts from damaged machines pose a risk to consumers and can lead to recalls, so it’s important to ensure that metal detection equipment is functioning in good order and being put to proper use. Equipment maintenance and inspection are only part of the solution here, reinforcing the need for metal detectable products like pens, ear plugs and protective gear to be used by employees.

Recalls are costly and inconvenient to business but you can minimise your risk of exposure by being prepared. For more tips on avoiding costly recalls, check out our free download below.