Best Hand Sanitiser for business

February 12, 2020

Best hand sanitiser for your business Australia

Buying the best hand sanitiser for business can be difficult. We answered our most common questions to help you decide.

What sanitiser will work best for in my business?

Hand sanitiser effectiveness against the spread of germs is dependant on the level of alcohol in the solution. University studies suggest that the most effective hand sanitiser is between 70%-80% alcohol concentrate. Rodburn hand sanitisers are over 70% alcohol concerntrate and are designed for business use.

Can I use Sanitiser instead of washing my hands? 

Sanitiser is most effective when applied on clean hands. Use Hand wash and water to clean your hands. Dry your hands and apply sanitiser, please note water is not needed once hand sanitiser is applied. 

What is the difference between Gel hand sanitiser and Foam hand sanitiser? 

Generally Foam hand sanitiser will give you more shots per litre, depending on your system you can get between 80%-120% more shots per pod. Foam hand sanitiser will last longer and is generally an economical solution for higher traffic area’s ( more time in between refills). It can also contains additional hand moisturisers.

Purell Foam hand Sanitier is TGA approved. To meet strict guidlines the actuation has been made the same as gel. They do contain additional hand moisturisers to prevent your hands from drying out from frequent use.

Traditionally gel hand sanitiser is used in the medical industry as a surgical rub, but when comparing the effectiveness between the gel and foam hand sanitiser, they are equally effective. 

What are the advantages between Push-Button and Touch-Free hand sanitiser dispensers? 

Touch-free hand sanitiser dispensing has become popular in recent times, but there are a few things to consider when selecting touch-free dispensing: 

Do you have the staff to check batteries; Some systems have 3 size C batteries in the dispensing unit. Once the battery runs out, you will need to replace the batteries by using a screw driver. The time between battery replacements will vary depending on use and lifespan.

The Purell ES8 hand sanitiser system overcomes this by adding a watch battery to the pod. Every time you replace the pod, you refill the battery. 

Push Button hand sanitier dispensing is a simple mechanical method of dispensing hand sanitiser. It is a low fuss option that is easy to use. Dispensers are usually bio-coated to reduce the risk of contamination. 

Why use Pump pack sanitisers?

Pump pack hand sanitisers are a simple portable solution for low volume low-risk areas. They can easily be moved to where they are needed. Use pump packs for stations that are not permanent. 


Still not confident? 

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