Implementing The 5S Steps To Improve Productivity And Efficiency

October 29, 2018

The 5S principles are a tried and tested means of reducing inefficiency and poor organisation within business. Once in place, these principles ensure that your company is customer-ready at all times, eliminating waste and maximising value while maintaining minimal inventory.

What is 5S training?

 5S training can provide a more streamlined, organised and efficient workplace. Implemented effectively, it can provide the foundational pillar for successful organisational change. It has wide ranging applications and can be applied to a variety of workplaces, including offices, warehouses and retail environments.

What are the 5S Steps?

 According to the Vative website, 5S training involves five separate steps:

  1. Sort – the elimination of unnecessary work zones.
  2. Set in order – the establishment of efficient and effective storage systems.
  3. Shine – set in place cleaning requirements and systems to highlight issues.
  4. Standardise – the establishment of best practice as standard process.
  5. Sustain – strategic development to sustain best practice into routine.

“A place for everything, and everything in its place”

How can they improve workplace efficiency?

 It’s a misconception to think that 5S principles are only of benefit to manufacturing companies. The principles can be broadly applied so that they can benefit every type of business, from retailers through to offices, warehouses, media outlets and healthcare providers. Every area of the business can be improved using these principles, and they are very cost-effective to implement.

Some of the primary benefits include:

  • Improvements to safety and company morale
  • Cost savings and assets are better utilised
  • Production flexibility and agility increases
  • Equipment is more available due to efficiency improvements
  • Overall improvements to the image and reputation of the business

The true beauty of the 5S principles is that they can be implemented by companies immediately, because it can be done at next to no cost to the business. Following through with the principles can improve productivity and provide the motivation that management and staff need to improve their overall contributions.

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