The Right Bin Liner For The Job

October 28, 2022

Environmentally friendlier Options

One of the most used consumables in any workplace is bin liners, these liners are designed to contain waste products and can last 100s of years in a landfill. epi bin liners have been treated with small amounts of TDPA that enables the plastic to become fully biodegradable within 36 months.

This process uses sunlight, oxygen and bacteria to allow the plastic bag to become fully biodegradable. See how it works

Everyday Bin Liners

The contractor bin liner range is your everyday standard bin liner range designed to get the job done. Contact the team if you have requirements of 10 cartons or more.

Heavy Duty Bin Liners

There is nothing worse than a bin bag breaking, the heavy duty bin liner range has been designed for heavier waste disposal. 40um extra strong, use these bin bags when others are not strong enough.