Dominant Descaler 2kg Pail
Dominant Descaler 2kg Pail

Dominant Descaler 2kg Pail

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Dominant descaler is a safe to use descaler which uses organic acids to rapidly descale surfaces. This descaler is non foaming and great to use in dishwashing machines and other equipment.

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Dominant Descaler is safe for users and is rapidly biodegradable, providing an environmentally friendlier option. This is a non-foaming descaler that contains a blend of organic acids that work together to provide rapid descaling, making this product suitable for all types of dishwashers

This descaler is not classified as hazardous or dangerous goods, making it is safer to use than conventional descalers.


  • Environmentally friendlier
  • Safe for users
  • non-foaming
  • Effective descaling chemical

How to use 

For descaling kettles, urns, Bain maries :

  •  use at dilutions from 1:50 to 1:100 (20 to 10g/litre).
  • For best results make up solutions in hot water and allow to soak for at least 30 minutes before emptying and rinsing.

To descale a domestic dishwasher:

  •  empty dishwasher and fill dispenser cup with Descaler.
  • Then run for a normal cycle.

To descale a domestic dishwasher:

  •  turn off the feeder and empty the machine.
  • Refill with fresh water and
    • For a dishwasher, around  10-15 litres add from ½ cup- 2 cups
    • For Dishwashers with a larger capacity of around 60 Litres use 2 cups
  • Run for 2 – 3 cycles then empty the machine and refill.
  • Run for 2 more cycles, empty and refill the machine.


Sold in a 2Kg tub for bulk quantities please request a quote

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