Dominant Laser Cleaner
Dominant Laser Cleaner

Dominant Laser Cleaner

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Dominant laser is a food grade general cleaner. The ingredients are readily biodegradable and have a low aquatic toxicity

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    Dominant Laser is a blend of natural and synthetic ingredients, which are readily biodegradable and have low aquatic toxicity. This is ideal to use in any area connected to septic systems and is perfect for users who are concerned about the environment.

    The combination of the detergents, alkaline builders and sequestrants give good grease-cutting ability without excessive foam levels. The detergents in Laser are all non-ionic or amphoteric, making laser perfect to be used in conjunction with a quaternary disinfectants.


    • Septic safe
    • Low aquatic toxcitiy
    • A more environmentally friendly option when compared to harsh chemicals
    • can be used in conjunction with quaternary disinfectants

    How To Use

    • In a bucket use at dilutions from 1:40 (1/2 cup in 5litres water)
    • for normal kitchen soiling, to 1:80 (1/4cup in 5 litres water) for general cleaning.
    • In a trigger bottle use at dilutions from 1:10 for heavy soiling (50ml in 500ml) down to 1:25 (20ml in 500ml) for general cleaning.
    • All food contact surfaces must be rinsed with potable water after use.

    Recommended PPE:

    • Gloves
    • Safety Glasses

    Sold in 5L or 15L drums for bulk quantities please request a quote

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