Dominant Sparkle Rinse Aid 5L
Dominant Sparkle Rinse Aid 5L

Dominant Sparkle Rinse Aid 5L

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Create a sparkling finish with Sparkle rinse aid. Sparkle is low foaming, biodegradable and suitable for use in all types of dishwashers. This is perfect for areas that use hard water.

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    Sparkle is a blue biodegradable liquid rinse aid suitable for use in all types of dishwashers that will give you a sparkling finish.  It works by making the water sheet off evenly and contains a special scale control additive to prevent scale formation. Sparkle is great for areas that use hard water as it helps to neutralise any residual alkalinity and remove build up in the lines. The surfactants in Sparkle are extremely low foaming to prevent foam build up in machines.

    This product lasts a long time as Sparkle is a concentrated product only using 1-2ml is used each cycle.


    • Concentrate product ( Will last longer)
    • Creates a sparkling finish
    • Scale control additive prevents scale formation
    • Low foaming prevents foam build-up in washing machines
    • Great for washing with hard water

    Colour: Blue

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    For commercial dishwashing machines: Sparkle is dispensed by automatic feeding equipment supplied by Dominant. Simply change drums when empty. For domestic dishwashing machines: fill rinse aid dispenser.Technical Data Sparkle contains a blend of low foaming detergents to help the rinse water sheet off, plus scale control additives. It has a pH of 4.5 in the neat form which is slightly acidic.