TerraCyclic Bio-Bin 13L Cartridge
TerraCyclic Bio-Bin 13L Cartridge

TerraCyclic Bio-Bin 13L Cartridge

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Safe, easy, and environmentally friendly, these sanitary cartridges are a discreet easy to use system, which allows people to dispose of sanitary products in the bathroom.

Sold in lots of 5 cartridges 

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These cartridges fit into the 13L TerraCyclic bio bin. They are biodegradable, odourised plastic designed to reduce contact with bio-hazardous material with the cleaning staff. It is recommended to change these cartridges once a month or earlier when the cartridge is full.


  • Easy to use and refill
  • Reduces contact of bio-hazardous material to a minimum making the process safer and more pleasant for cleaning staff
  • Made from non-toxic biodegradable plastic which breaks down within 1-5 years when disposed of.
  • Inbuilt odour control with odourised plastics.
  • designed with a small footprint to easily mount in the toilet area.

This cartridge is suitable for the Terracyclic 13L bin only

Sold in lots of 5 cartridges for bulk Quantities please request  a quote 

| Unit Quantity: 1 Cartridge | Carton Quantity: 100 Cartridges | 

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