Vikan Ergonomic Waterfed Handle w/Male Coupling 1540mm – White

Vikan Ergonomic Waterfed Handle w/Male Coupling 1540mm – White

SKU: 4757746.W
Vikan Products

This has a water-fed handle with quick-release coupling and a comfortable grip, this product has been ergonomically designed to improve the working position of the user.


    The waterfed feature allows the user to carry water to or remove water from a surface. The quick-connect coupling feature allows for the attachment of a hose.  Maximum pressure, 6 bars. Maximum water temperature, 50 ˚C. Do not use with acid or chlorine.

    Can be used with:

    • 4757725 for gently washing walls or
    • 4757726 / 4757727 for scrubbing floors where high volumes of water are required during the scrubbing process.
    • 4757788 to remove condensation from pipes or ceilings.

    Length: 1540mm

    Diameter 31mm

    Comes with 1/2″ Male Coupling

    Colours: White

    For use with any Vikan cleaning product needing a handle. Does not suit other brand threads.

    Sold Individually for bulk quantities please request a quote 

    • Complies with UK 2019 No. 704 on food contact materials
    • Is HALAL Compliant
    • FDA Compliant
    • Meets the REACH Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006
    • Produced according to EU Regulations 2023/2006/EC of good manufacturing practice
      • Max pH value in usage concentration: 8pH
      • Min pH value in usage concentration: 2 pH
      • Max cleaning temperature (dishwasher) 93c
      • Max usage temperature (food Contact) 80c
      • Min usage temperature - 20c
      • recommended sterilisation temperature 121c