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We are Australia’s best toilet paper wholesale suppliers. We understand it can be tricky to find the right toilet paper solution for your business, but our team will guide you to find the best toilet paper solution. Contact us today to understand what your business requires and buy from our range of toilet paper supplies in bulk at wholesale price.

Toilet Paper and Dispenser Wholesale Suppliers
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Showing 1–16 of 33 results


Toilet paper is an essential product for human hygiene. We supply a range of toilet paper wholesale to meet your needs, including 1 PLY and 2 PLY. If you are confused about which PLY(sheet/paper) you should select, we have a short description below:

1 PLY: It consists of a single layer of paper and this sheet is cost-effective. 

2 PLY: It consists of two layers of paper and gives you a decent comfort level.


If you are planning to purchase bulk toilet rolls, we have you covered. Let us know about your business needs, and our staff will assist you with your product requirements. We are one of the leading toilet paper wholesale suppliers in Melbourne, and we make sure that you never run out of toilet paper and more products like hand sanitizer stations, environmentally friendly cleaning products, disposable nitrile gloves