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  • 25% of all refillable dispensers are contaminated
    Your hands could be getting germier after washing with a contaminated dispenser, significantly increasing the chances of infections and sickness. 1 in 4 refillable soap dispensers are currently contaminated. Refillable soap dispensers are prone to contamination. It can be caused by “topping up” a dispenser and/or an infrequent dispensing unit cleaning program. By design, refillable […]
  • Sanitiser Vs Disinfectant what’s the difference?
    The words sanitiser and disinfectant are often interchanged but are they the same? Is a sanitiser a disinfectant? Find out what is the best options for your business.
  • Don’t Buy TGA Approved Products
    TGA clamps down on false product claims. Businesses, more than ever rely on PPE, cleaners and equipment to be compliant with the claims of protection against viruses and bacteria. The TGA has made it easier for you to find compliant products to help protect your your staff and customers.
  • What is the Best toilet paper system for your business?
    There is nothing worse than the feeling of finding an empty dispenser when it’s too late, prevent this embarrassing situation for customers and staff. On top of that, the right toilet paper can improve efficiencies for your operations. Here are a few things that can influence what is the best toilet paper for your business. […]
  • Hand Sanitiser Stations Available Now
    Hand santiser stations are now in stock. Find out what is the best sanitser station for your business.  WILLGUARD Hands Free Sanitiser station See the sanitiser station on our site An Australian made hand sanitiser station that is lockable. It is Hands free, which helps to prevent the spread of germs. A no-fuss solution, it […]
  • How to sanitise your office
    How to sanitise your office: products and methods on how to prevent the spread of germs.
  • How to Sanitise a Playground
    Playgrounds have been made as a place of fun and games for children. Recently we have had questions about sanitising playgrounds and outdoor equipment.  This is why we created this How to sanitise a playground post. 
  • Free Hand Washing Procedure wall chart
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