Dominant Sanclean Detergent
Dominant Sanclean Detergent

Dominant Sanclean Detergent


Sanclean is a quaternary ammonium-based detergent sanitiser developed for use in kitchens and the food processing industry. It combines excellent cleaning and sanitation in one product.

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    Sanclean can be used manually, through a foamer or high-pressure cleaner. Sanclean contains a blend of detergents, solvent and sequestrants for effective cleaning, plus a quaternary ammonium compound for sanitising. It may be used as a one-step cleaner sanitiser on light to moderately soiled surfaces, or after precleaning on heavily soiled surfaces.

    Sanclean has a moderate pH and is safe to use on all washable surfaces including aluminium and galvanising.

    Sanclean has been tested against a range of food poisoning bacteria under clean and dirty conditions and has a high kill rate on all types.

    How to Use

    Use Sanclean at dilutions:

    • For lightly soiled surfaces to 1:80 (¼ cup per 5 litres)
    • For moderately soiled surfaces 1:20 (1 cup per 5 litres)
    • For Heavily soiled surfaces Pre-clean the surface with Laser then rinse with water before sanitising.

    Warm to hot water will increase the cleaning performance, especially on fatty soils.

    Rinse all food contact surfaces with potable water after use. Allow at least 2 minutes of contact time to allow the sanitiser to work.


    Sold in 5L or 15L drums for bulk quantities please request a quote

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