Dominant Shor Bleach 4%
Dominant Shor Bleach 4%

Dominant Shor Bleach 4%


Liquid bleach with 4% chlorinated and added detergents for enhanced cleaning. Shor Bleach has many applications in the laundry, kitchen or bathroom.

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    Shor Bleach is a liquid bleach that contains 4% chlorine. This combines bleaching activity to remove stains with excellent germ-killing ability. Shor Bleach is a very versatile product and can be used on laundries, kitchens, bathrooms and toilet areas. Shor Bleach contains chlorine stable detergents to enhance the cleaning ability of the product.

    How to Use:

    As a laundry bleach:

    1. Add up to 20ml (1 tablespoon) to every 5 litres of water in the wash.
    2. Dilute with water before adding to the wash.
    3. Do not use on wool, silk, nylon or orlon.
    4. For general stain removal used at 1:80 (¼ cup in 5 litres water)
    5. Store in a cool area and use old stock first.

    For General stain removal:

    1. dilute at 1:80 (1/4 cup in 5 litres of water)

    Storage: Store in a cool area use old stock first


    Sold as a 5L bottle or a 15L bottle for bulk purchases please request a quote

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