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We supply a complete range of hand sanitiser and hand sanitiser stations for businesses. We have a range of hand sanitiser solutions, including pump packs, dispensers systems and touch-free sanitiser.

Looking to buy a hand sanitiser for your business in Melbourne at the best prices? Rodburn offers a range of hand sanitisers/hand disinfectants and hand sanitising stations to choose from our sanitisers and dispensers option. We also stock a range of automatic hand sanitiser dispensers, hand sanitiser gels, alcohol-based hand sanitisers, form-based hand sanitisers, touch-free hand sanitisers and more.

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Showing 1–16 of 35 results

Besides keeping your hands free from germs, there are a few benefits of using hand sanitisers. One of the primary benefits is it helps us to reduce the amount of waste created by hand. You can carry hand sanitisers to any place you go, and they will dry very quickly, keeping your skin smooth & soft.


1. Can we get rid of all germs causing illness using hand sanitisers?

Hand sanitisers will reduce the number of microorganisms on hands, but they do not eliminate a wide range of germs.

2. How long should you require for cleaning your hands using hand sanitisers?

You need to cover all the surfaces of your hand and rub your hands together for 15-20 seconds.

3. Can I wave my hands to dry them after applying sanitiser?

No, it is not suggestible to wave your hands, as there is a high possibility of picking up microorganisms from the air.

Supplying quality hand sanitisers for businesses in Melbourne and selling the following brands:

  • Deb skincare
  • Purell
  • Willguard
  • Ramsol